I have been a learning and development consultant in my previous avatar, which lasted for more than a decade. I gave up my corporate career when it stopped making sense to me and started working on things I love and am passionate about. So in my current gig, I am a marketing communication consultant and a baker (yes, I get paid for what i bake, and you’d have to be in my inner-circle of friends to get me to bake for you for free). I also have a degree in applied nutrition that gives me a legitimate reason to yak about food with authority 😉

My friends love my baked goodies and give the desired responses, making all the appropriate noises while devouring what I bake. But they are regular people and so draw a blank every time I ramble on and on about baking. This blog, apart from being an outlet to my obsession with baking and writing, will also save the people close to me from my nerdy spells.  It will record all the stories I have to tell about baking, gardening, music, books and good times.

No, I don’t have trouble sleeping, neither do I think of myself as sweet. Sweet Insomnia is what I had planned on calling my coffee shop and bakery that would serve dessert and coffee, late in the night. The blog name is the closest I got to it on wordpress.

Leave me a few lines if you like what you read here, I’d love to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Suneeta, its wonderful to keep reading about your baking successes. I always felt that this is where you would land up one day…your passion for baking was beyond the limitations of time and effort. May you build a terrific reputation for yourself in the world of cakes and all things baked. Best wishes always!

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