Time for Gratitude Again

Yes I know I’ve been away for far too long this time, but I have some not so good reasons for it. Allow me to explain. Dave met with a nasty accident almost 4 weeks ago and things have been crazy busy since. It was bad then, but thankfully he managed to get away with some hair-line fractures on his ribs, shoulder and bruises and a tear on his ear. I say thankfully because it could have been a lot worse, considering the road he had the accident on, was a busy and dark highway. That one incident has been all-consuming for the last 4 weeks or so now and I really haven’t had time to write. Today I am down with a bad case of the sniffles and so taking some time off for myself and doing this.

I’ve been through a roller-coaster of emotions this whole time. Anger and fear when I saw Dave with a hanging ear lobe and a bleeding face. Anger because he hadn’t worn his helmet. A fear that almost interfered with my logical thinking.  Almost, because I did have the good sense to call a neighbor (who I had spoken to precisely twice before) to ask directions to the nearest hospital and later another friend, when we had reached a small hospital.  That little sense went a long way, because the neighbors and friends came right away. My friends took charge and the decision to move him  to a better hospital where we could get all the help we needed right away. Finally when some of the tests were done and we realized that there were no internal injuries to his head or major broken bones, we all breathed easy. And one friend offered to stay with Dave, while another drove me home to pick up things to stay in the hospital. Very thoughtfully, the friend with Dave kept sending me text updates and reminder to get some of the things we would need to stay in the hospital. Everyone went home at 5 am finally, and I tried to catch a snooze till a decent hour when I could call up Dave’s parents to inform them.

The next day, I turned into his Secretary cum Business Manager, when I took all his calls, responded to text messages and emails from people and spoke to his colleagues, postponed some of his upcoming engagements. Help arrived in all forms, colleagues who chided me for not calling them and just stayed over and charmed and threatened the hospital staff into action, another one who worked behind the scenes by informing the Insurance person and speaking to a friend at the hospital to take good care of Dave. A recently re-acquainted with friend from college, who took the bike keys from me to get it from the scene of accident and helped in all ways while at the hospital. One one of the days when he was visiting with his wife, they joined me for dinner at the un-ventilated hospital cafetaria, and I was soo grateful for the company (I hated eating alone), that I wouldn’t stop talking. I think I chewed their ears off.  Eating there was kind of big and humbling for me because I have always been icchy about eating anywhere near a hospital, and here I was eating enormous quantities of rice everyday for my lunch and dinner with complete strangers. 5 days later, we left the hospital and moved to a friend’s place (to be closer to the hospital). She had very generously offered for us to stay there till Dave got a little better. Another friend very religiously brought us some awesome comfort food every single day and also came to check on us. He had also taken my house keys to help in watering our garden and in addition did some cleaning up at the house (taking the trash out, discarding some rotting bananas, getting some dirty dished washed and so on).

Through all these range of  emotions, the one that overrode everything else has been gratitude.  I am soo grateful for being blessed with such amazing friends who made our lives so much easier with their thoughtful gestures. Apart from Dave, they also took care of me through their thoughtful words, cards, the comfort food they sent, the jokes, the doctor friend they summoned for the everyday dressing. It’s impossible to not recover fast, when so much love surrounds you and Dave has recovered faster than we expected him to. But of course it’ll still be few weeks before he stops groaning and breathing heavily from the pain everytime he turns or gets up. We are home now, and life’s a lot tougher with work, endless chores and the stress of everyday living in a god-forsaken village. But this too shall pass and things will hopefully be normal soon. Until then, I want to send out some good wishes for another friend, who met with a huge accident along with his wife and kid. I hope he is back on his feet soon and the wife of another friend, who was operated for Cervical Cancer. I hope they recover soon and life is kinder to them them for having been through so much.

I did have my bright moments through all of this. Attaching pictures of some of those here.


Dave’s nearly 3-year old friend made this for him and delivered it with a hug


The Flowers Dave order for me for V-day


The Note that said it all and the florist wrote From instead of To 🙂


The yummy Raspberry brownies I brought for V-day from my favorite Patisserie in my City.


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