Making Memories and Wine (at Home) – Part 2

I know this post is long-pending but my mind’s been cluttered with a lot of things, and I haven’t had the mind space for it. But today I decided to meet all my commitments and so I am finally getting around to writing this.

Like I had said in my earlier post, after the first day, the wine needed to be stirred everyday for precisely two minutes. Sounds simple right? Yeah but the only complicated part of it was sterilizing the hands and the spoon/spatula to stir the wine with hot water before the procedure. Removing the cling film wrapped around the lid and wrapping more cling film after the stirring was done. When you get around to doing it, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes in all. But in the mind (where things get blown up), it can seem like a painful chore. I did it out of respect for our wine-maker’s dedication in starting this procedure. Having said that, I have to add that I did a little celebratory jig when the 21 days were up.


The Winemaker straining the grapes and adding sugar

Our friend visiting from Melbourne was offered  the privilege of stirring the wine.

Our friend visiting from Melbourne was offered the privilege of stirring the wine.

The best thing about this part of the wine-making was that I had to do nothing after the interim procedure. The wine bowl, was cling-wrapped and left alone in a corner to mature. Another 21 days later, the wine was ready for consumption. But not before another step called “Siphoning the Wine”. Of course, as was customary we made a ceremony and a party out of this too. So there was a dress code (white) and a party to mark the event.

And just so you know that everything we do is done in all earnestness, old wine bottles were emptied and labels removed, new corks bought and labels with the name printed and the wine was bottled, labeled and signed by the winemaker.

The verdict on the wine:

Taste – A slightly sour and mostly sweet flavor that’ll appeal a lot to the folks with a sweet tooth.Ability to get you high – Hard to tell. Not high for folks who drink often. However, one of our friends who does not drink and doesn’t talk much reached for refills and then regaled us with paranormal stories of the time that she had an accident in college and was in the ICU for three days. Like I said it’s fuzzy, so you decide.

I am definitely doing this again, this time all by myself. Or maybe I’ll get the guys to do the siphoning. Here’s the original recipe in case you’d like the effort. I would recommend it as a fun group activity.

Has to be done in all earnestness

Has to be done in all earnestness

The siphoning amongst, much off-key singing

The siphoning amongst, much singing (offkey)



Smug smiling and posing

… and smug smiling and posing

Presenting... Lost Souls- the wine made in a fish bowl

Presenting… Lost Souls- the wine made in a fish bowl and signed by the wine-maker

What we ate

What we ate

2 thoughts on “Making Memories and Wine (at Home) – Part 2

  1. Great to see that the wine recipe from my blog generated so much enthusiasm and fun. If it’s okay, let me know, I will take these pics (probably ones without people) and post it back in my blog , so that others are benefited

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