Neglected Poems Sold at a Discount


Fortune or a mis-
Gulzar’s poems discounted
Two five percent less

Haiku by David Jairaj

I am not complaining though… On my visit to the only book store that stocks the Good Food Guide, among the books being sold for a 25% discount I saw one called “Neglected Poems” by Gulzar. Translated into English. I had seen it in a client’s office. Was in a meeting so couldn’t really browse through it then. Opened the book to realize that it still has Gulzar’s poems in Urdu on one side and the translation was on the right side. I’ve always loved the sound of Gulzar’s lyrics, poetry and dialogues, long before I even understood their meaning. Mera Kuch Samaan, tumhaare paas pada hai… was one of the songs I heard when I was 8 or ten I don’t remember, I hadn’t watched the movie, so knew nothing of what the song meant, but still loved the lyrics and thought they were beautiful. I still don’t understand some of his poetry, but nevertheless enjoy the rhythm, form and sound.

I sampled a few poems and then just bought the book, couldn’t wait to read it. So we stopped at a coffee shop, before going over to a friend’s for dinner, found a private spot at the back, and I began to read the poems aloud (I love reading poetry aloud) while Dave listened and explained to me what they meant. Thank god for my in-house interpreter, I really get to enjoy a lot more of Gulzar’s poetry than I would otherwise have. I thought this one activity just rounded off my day so perfectly well.

I’ve read more poems from it in the last one week that I’ve had this book for. From talking of how Pluto just vanished from the Solar System, the expired date of religious fanaticism to comparing the sanitized environment of New York to the villages in our country , the poems cover a range of topics that display the sheer genius of this poet. I feel very fortunate to be living in the same era as him. More power and life to him and his writing.


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