December Beginings and Simple Pleasures

So I did it! Got over my fears and a past failure and just put myself out there for people to sample my baked goods with the intention of beginning to take custom baking orders.

Since this is such a breakthrough for me, I must absolutely document and share this experience of how it came about.

The inspiration and the thoughts were already on my mind (I’ve mentioned them in a few of my earlier blogposts). I just needed to persuade my usually-supportive husband, who wasn’t entirely convinced this time, about the suitability of the market (the folks from my housing colony). We had had arguments about this before, but this time, something worked. Not sure if it was the tears or the fact that he thought I had found my calling (something he’d been waiting for, for ages now), but he gave in.

I had to bake for 60 people and add in some eggless variations.

But first I had to send a write-up for the pamphlets to my husband. In my anger, I had told him that I didn’t want his esoteric writing style for my pamphlets, and I would write it myself. After spending around 40-45 minutes in trying to write the copy, I just ended up with some really long sentences that described what I had to offer and few other things. The one thing I have learned from my corporate experience, is to outsource stuff to experts while you focus on your core strength. So I ate humble pie (or should it be cake?) and asked Dave to retain the essence of what I had given him and make it punchy and market-savvy. And boy he simply took over, between his work, simplified what I had written, renamed my baking business and designed the logo. He had my approval in one shot, very rare for a control-freak like me.


Yes my baking business is called Simple Pleasures.

While I let the wordsmith take care of what he did best, I baked like a woman possessed. Skipped lunches, work outs and just baked and baked even more.

Eggless Hazelnut cookies and Pear & Chocolate Scones on Friday.

On Saturday I made 30 Strawberry Cup-cakes, an eggless Chocolate Cake, melted chocolate and sandwiched the Hazelnut cookies (eggless) with it, made chocolate ganache, frosted the cake, Baked a huge Apple, Black currant and Vanilla Cake that I decided to skip later. Instead when I finally hit the bed at 11.30 pm and couldn’t fall asleep till 12.15, I announced to the husband that I would go into the kitchen and bake another cake as the other Apple Cake wasn’t cutting neatly and had over-browned on top. He offered to come down with me and also taste the cake. He said it was good, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. So I baked a French Apple Cake and put it to bake, while I did a couple of blog posts. After baking and cooling the cake till I could stash it in the fridge, we finally went to sleep at 3.30 am in the morning.




ImageThe Apple Cake that didn’t make the cut. I love you too baby!

The next day we carried all the stuff to the resort, where the colony picnic was. Set all the stuff up in the lawn on a table and barring two strawberry cup-cakes (because people realized that we hadn’t eaten any of it at all, so left them for us) everything got over in under 15 minutes. Many folks came over to say how much they liked the cakes and told us their favorites. One lady enquired if I could bake an eggless cake for her daughter’s birthday on the 27th December. So the response has been great, how many people will actually place an order is what remains to be seen.

I am still working on the commercials and should be ready to take on orders from next Monday on, will keep you posted. Sadly, in all of this work, we couldn’t take any decent pictures of each of the baked goodies (the ones above are from my iPad). But here are some from the table anyway.

ImageThe Baked goodies on the table

ImageThe Eggless Chocolate Cake that everyone wanted a bite of

ImageThe Eggless Hazelnut cookies with chocolate-filling

ImagePear and Chocolate Chunk Scones

ImageThe French Apple Cake

ImageThe Strawberry Cup-Cakes


4 thoughts on “December Beginings and Simple Pleasures

  1. Wow! i wish i could sample the yummies from that table! hat tip lady for baking up all that in less than 24 hrs… you know what this means right? you are soooo ready for business! awesome and goodluck

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