That Thing That Makes The World Go Round

I’ve had a very busy last three days and so couldn’t find the time to do my blog posts. But let me see if I can make up for these lost days.

I woke up grinning like an idiot on Friday morning.

Met a very dear friend after a while and I believe she is in love, although she refuses to label it. Despite all my apprehensions, misgivings and reservations about the person she’s seeing, I am really happy for her. I just can’t believe how I instantly dropped all my apprehensions when I saw her happy.

For once I am not going to think of the future, or if the guy is right for her, or if it’s practical or whatever. For now I want to participate in her happiness as a friend who wishes the best for her. Knock Wood!

I have no idea why I am grinning like I am the one in love. That a blogger I have admired for months, paid me a compliment and I have a new stock of baking paraphernalia might also have something to do with it.


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