Of Childhood Deprivations and Adult Obessions

Funny, this blogpost that I did last night… err… this morning showed up blank.  Just so you know that I wasn’t drunk, I’ll write it again.

Growing up in a family of two very elder brothers, one uncle and later a younger cousin brother, I never owned a doll or the kitchen sets little girls used to play with in my days. My two close friends had them all, the dolls as well as the kitchen utensils, while I had trains, a pink dog that crawled when you keyed it, a kiddie bank and a piggy bank that I played with.

Don’t get me wrong, while we weren’t rich or affluent, we weren’t poor either and my parents brought me up quite decently with a good education and a regular supply of comics/books. It just never occurred to anyone in my family to buy me a doll or that kitchen set, I so coveted. I remember reading in the book The Thornbirds, where a poor and not-so-switched on mom buys her daughter a doll, because, “Every girl should have a doll.” What can I say, but that it just never occurred to my mom and even worse that it never occurred to me to ask.

My brother did bring home a Barbie when I was in my pre-teens, but by then I had outgrown them. I even got one with blonde curls years after I got married when I arranged a dream wedding for a bride, in my house at very short notice. Again it was a little late in life.

I am guessing the doll deprivation somehow got resolved in my mind, but the kitchen-set one didn’t. Childhood deprivations/issues have a way of playing up in adult life.  The kitchen-set deprived child now overcompensates for it by buying and hoarding grown-up variations of the kitchen set. So I’ve been hoarding crockery, curtains, and glassware, from the time I got married. The hoarding subsided after a few years but resurfaced with a vengeance again in the last 2-2.5 years. So while women my age, shop for Sarees and Gold/Diamond jewellery, I buy kitchen gadgets and glassware.

If this is really a psychological reason, and considering I am slow to catch-on to things, I am terrified of the age at which I will begin to obsess about Sarees and gold/diamond Jewellery. Dave better turn into an Oil Sheikh by then.


2 thoughts on “Of Childhood Deprivations and Adult Obessions

  1. Wow! Did your brothers ever got you into their WWF play fights? Mine did! 🙂
    I’m a total kitchen stuffer too.Guess its easier maintaining them than yards of sarees or biscuits of gold!
    Thanks for the lovely post ! Have a great day!

    • Thank you!Haha my brothers very pretty elder, so they just egged me and my cousin brother (who was 3 years younger) to get into a physical fight and had a great time when they saw him beat me to pulp. I’ve had a cruel childhood :). Brothers are mean! I never thought of the maintenance aspect, that’s true too. In fact I think I use my kitchen stuff 100 times more than my sarees and jewellery :). Thank you for the comment, you made my day.

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