Chocolate -Making Classes & The Alternate Life

Around 7-8 years ago, when I was between jobs and shifting careers, someone I knew suggested that I should try an “Alternate Career”. Owing to a history the person had, of always trying to establish her superiority to those around her combined with my immaturity, I thought it was another of those thinly-veiled put-downs.

Recently, Dave pointed out to me that my taste in music was very “Alternative”. And when I reflected on that, realized that my preference for Alternate wasn’t limited to music alone. I seem to be drawn to all things Alternate, from movies to decor to careers. My low-tolerance for mainstream cinema (of course there are exceptions), my new-found love for  Alternative music, my finding inspiration in women who have sought Alternate careers all seem to be pointing at an Alternate life for me. I also realize now that a lot of interests I had developed over the last year and half such as gardening and growing my own vegetables were all leading up to this. But maybe this isn’t a new phenomenon with me. Till just a few years ago, I thought my mindset was representative of the “common people”, but I realized in the last couple of years that my thought and mindset is far-removed from the “common”.

To me it appears as if, all of a sudden so many women around me are making careers out of their hobbies and passion. An ex-colleague tells stories to kids for a living, another woman  paints wall murals, one more is a home-baker and cake decorator, another client has was a recruiter but is now starting off a baking business from her kitchen. All these women have chartered their own course and seem to be living life on their own terms. It’s hard not be inspired.

I attended a chocolate-making class on Saturday.


Since I am an avid-baker, I thought it is essential for me to be know how to make chocolates too. My chocolate-making trainer was another case-in-point of women who have quit the corporate life to pursue their interests. She quit her job 5 years ago and today is a chocolate-making trainer and supplies kilos and kilos of chocolates and hundreds of cup-cakes to clients. All of which she makes herself. She has also spawned off a number of Chocolatiers and chocolate-making trainers in Hyderabad. Another inspirational story that nudges me in the start that baking-business direction.

Coming back to the classes, I learned to make 12 varieties of chocolates in 3 hours. Chocolate-making is pain-stakingly exhausting even if you are making them from slabs of chocolates. It was a lot of fun making those and chatting with my trainer, but funnily I was all drained out by the end of it (it might also have been the series of activities that I was busy with the day before and the lack of caffeine in my blood for 2 days in a row).


But when I saw the chocolates after unmoulding them, they were totally worth the effort. My trainer, Arundati, is also an avid-blogger and was named “Hyderabad’s most popular blogger” by Hyderabad-based publication. If you want easy-to-make vegetarian recipes, check out her blog Escapades and you’ll love it like I do.

I guess that the girl who suggested an Alternative Career, saw some things in me long before I saw them in myself. Or maybe I did see them but didn’t know that I could consider making a career of them. It’s funny, how it sometimes takes a person far-removed from you to spot what you can’t see in yourself. I hope all this inspiration around propels me into starting that part-time baking business I’ve been thinking and re-thinking in my head for the last few months.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate -Making Classes & The Alternate Life

  1. Suneeta, such lovely words….thank you… for coming, chatting and writing this! oh also learning to make chocolates… pursue what you really want to girl… its always more rewarding to follow your heart than someone else’s….best of luck and hugs!

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