Addiction and the Devil’s Food Cake

It’s official, I am a Bake Addict. Remember how I said that November was going to be a month of discipline and refraining from baking? Yes I went ahead and did the forbidden, I baked.

To begin with, it wasn’t entirely my fault. You see my husband went out drinking with his ex-boss and friend and sometime in all of that drinking and chatting a plan was made for a movie night and some great food to accompany it. My husband volunteered that I would bake dessert for the occasion. So I planned it all in my mind, I would bake the Devil’s Food Cake, the recipe for which I had shared here.

This baking exception, combined with a chat with a client on her home-baking business all opened the floodgates of my mind, and I went on a baking spree. I baked two kinds of scones, and tired myself out before hitting the gym. The next day I went to part of city I am terrified to go alone, to buy nuts at wholesale prices, checked out a new baking supplies store in the city and bought what is called  a Cake Caddy. This little beauty helps you carry your frosted cakes around conveniently.  After all the roaming around the city, I came back home to bake the bases for the Devil’s Food Cake. I justified all this shopping and baking as research for my baking business. Of course I was exhausted by the end of it. The next morning I frosted the cake (this takes really long), did some chores around the house and then went for the chocolate-making class after which I had to wait for sometime before I went to that dinner. The dinner and the evening was all very magical. Good Food, a beautiful setting, a few drinks, good company, music, a movie about food (Big Night) all left me feeling very heady and nice.  We ended the night by having a friend cut the Devil’s Food Cake (his daughter told us it was his birthday at 12). It was a very exhausting and fun day.


I am sure my addiction to baking is one of the reasons I like Dexter so much. Just like him, I am not seeking to be rehabilitated. Like him, I need to find myself a code that helps me contain my addiction enough to ensure I stay fit and healthy and don’t go bankrupt. Until I find that middle-path, from time to time, I am going to give in to my urge to bake.


These pictures were taken with a mobile camera so aren’t all that nice.


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