My wedding was a very unglamorous affair for a lot of reasons. Us not having enough money, and our parents coming around a week before the wedding being the primary ones. It was a “Court marriage” where we read out wedding vows (or are they oaths?) and exchanged rings, and garlands before he tied the Mangalsutra around my neck to symbolize our marriage. The photographer was my MIL and the camera was supposed to be a X’Mas present from her son (Christmas was 5 days later).

A few days later as we were riding (on a motorbike) by a popular florist near our new home, Dave told me that on the day of our wedding he wanted to send me flowers with a note that said “Have a Nice Day!”, but had run out of cash when he was near the florist. I told him that he could still make up for it and he did in a lot of ways with different kinds of flowers, Roses, Orchids, Asiatic Lilies, Alstromerias, Gladoli, Gerberas, Carnations, Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Tulips for years on. Everytime we had a fight, he made up with flowers, he would send them to work with notes on them. One of my ex-bosses still teases me about it when I meet him.


Years later, we moved out of that locality, got busy with making a living, building a house. Flowers took a backseat and were reserved only for special occasions. Our relationship has now reached a place where don’t have to “say everything with flowers”. I still love them and they can really lift my spirits and brighten my day, but I don’t miss them anymore.  Whenever, I am in the mood, I just pick them up from my Garden. Hibiscus, Roses and Bougainvillea. The last ones are my favorite because they last really long and add a lot of color to the house, they look even better outside.

Take a look.




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