My Herb Garden

Despite declaring that I would not obsess about food in November, most of my recent blog posts have been about food. In my defense, with the exception of the things I made for Diwali, all the others were made before November, so I’ve still managed to stick to my resolve.

My earliest memories of a kitchen garden are of this pot of Coriander that I saw in my childhood friend’s kitchen, I must’ve been 6-7 years old or even younger then. I don’t think I thought much of it then, but like a lot of other things in her house (baking, great interiors, juices & jams made at home), it subliminally influenced by mind and made me want to adopt that culture when I had my own place.

Decades later, when we were getting our house built, one of my wishes was to have this pot of herbs and chillies on the window sill of my kitchen. All I had to do was to reach out the window and grab some herbs anytime I wanted to garnish or flavor my food. My herb wishes didn’t exactly pan out like the way I wanted them out to. I don’t have Coriander growing in my garden (not sure why it won’t grow easy) and I have to walk out of kitchen door to grab some mint or basil, but I am not complaining. And also watch out for the many frogs/toads  that leap out of my square-foot garden, each time I go over to pluck some herbs.


My mint patch grew beyond my imagination and wishes. I guess Nature has her own way of rewarding you with her bounty, she decides what to bless you with, you can only be grateful for what you receive.


Mint Leaves




The Sweet Potato Vine


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