The Diwali Spirit

Food is synonymous with celebration and Diwali is no exception to it. When I was a kid, my mom began preparing for Diwali, days in advance. There would be so many sweets and savories to make, to distribute in the neighborhood and to friends. It was important for your tray to look full and have a variety of goodies on it when you took it to give you friends and neighbors on Diwali day.

Since I am a new-age modern day lazy and a very diet-conscious homemaker, and have absolutely no pressure of distributing sweets to my neighbors on me, my methods of course were going to be very different from my mom’s.

After a lot of last minute cleaning-up and shopping for Puja stuff, I decided to make Coconut Laddoos. They take about 20-30 minutes and are really simple to make. While you are making them, and I speak from experience, I guarantee you that you will pop in at least a couple of them in your mouth. I later also made Rice Payesh to offer to the Gods, some Rava Pakoras and dinner made of Peas Pulao, Paneer & Babycorn curry and Raita. We did share our food with a dear friend whose family was out of town for an important wedding. So I guess despite the difference in methods, I am still carrying the Diwali spirit of sharing from my childhood. In the spirit of Diwali sharing, I leave you with the recipe for:

The Lazy Cook’s Coconut Laddoos

What you will need:

  • 1 tin (250 mil) of condensed milk
  • 3-4 cups of Dessicated Coconut (set some aside for rolling the Laddoos in)
  • A tea spoon of ghee (brown butter) to grease your palm

How you make it:

1. In a non-stick sauce-pan on a low flame, pour out the condensed milk.

2. Add the dessicated coconut and stir on the low flame for 5 minutes (too much time on the stove, will make your laddoos chewy) or so.

3. Cool the mixture.

4. Grease your palm and fingers with ghee.

5. Shape the mixture into balls or Laddoos and roll them in the remaining coconut and you are done.

Be warned: They are extremely addictive.


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