Diwali and Communal Harmony

The last 3 days have been packed with activities culminating in the big Diwali celebration yesterday. I was a little late in all my Diwali arrangements. From the cleaning to the shopping and all the other Diwali-related activities this time around (I guess I always am) and I will touch-upon briefly on all of them in 3 of my blog posts from this one onward.

My husband, Dave and I come from different religious backgrounds. He was born in a Christian family, while I was born and raised in a Hindu one. Like most modern couples, the different religious backgrounds have never been an issue with us, also because he isn’t a church-goer and I am, to borrow a phrase from Eat, Pray, Love vaguely spiritual. But I’ve always loved Diwali for it’s bright lights and festive spirit. So I try and celebrate it in my own little way with the very limited knowledge I possess about it. The Laxmi Puja performed on Diwali evening to welcome the goddess of wealth is an integral part of the festival. For reasons I wouldn’t want to get into here, I couldn’t perform the Puja this year and was considering making do with just lighting the lamps and cooking some good food.

Despite all of my non-ritualistic stances, I do want to be blessed with wealth and prosperity (among other things), so I wasn’t feeling too nice about it. When Dave realized that I couldn’t do the Puja, he offered to do it if I could tell him how to. So between my instructions and his execution, we did manage to complete the rituals of welcoming goddess Laxmi into our home, and here’s what the results looked like.Image



A close-up of the idols

Irrespective of how different they are, I am sure that our respective gods approve!


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