Good Cooking Rubs Off

On the Saturday that went by, I wasn’t in the mood for making breakfast and there were none of the ingredients that make up a quick breakfast at home (oats, bread, cereal). Dave (my husband) offered to rustle up something. While I sat upstairs on my bed, typing my blog post for the day, I could hear a lot of noises from the kitchen and in 30 minutes could smell some very appetizing aroma of food too (I really had no clue what he was cooking). When the aroma and my hunger combined together got the better of me, I announced that I would come down. But, he asked me to stay put. About 10 minutes later, I had my breakfast served on a  tray in my bed. It was both healthy and tasty. Shallow fried potato chips with onions and scrambled eggs and that awesome coffee I blogged about earlier. After all that slaving in the kitchen, I didn’t have the heart to send him downstairs for the camera to click a good picture, so I just clicked one with my phone. It’s not the best of pics., but a memory to cherish all right.


Did I mention I was touched, grateful and delighted?


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