NaBloPoMo and Rebooting Life

I have to admit, that I almost gave up on this blog, because I didn’t believe I got the validation I needed to go on. But of course, barring a few friends, I hadn’t even shared my blog with anyone else so I guess I didn’t have any business behaving like a victim, but I did. It’s taken me a good few months and the NaBloPoMo event to revive this blog. I’ve made some decisions to change things in my life and bring in some discipline (have been very easy on myself for the last 3 months or so after I quit my job). It is no coincidence that I chanced upon the NaBloPoMo, which needs me to post everyday of November. I registered yesterday so I am going to be posting from today on. I also intend to make up for the missed five days by posting some extra ones each day. So wish me luck and here’s hoping I meet this challenge.

 Yes this blog was going to be about chronicling the good times in my life, but I’ve been away for almost three months now, so please allow me some explaining myself on this ONE post, and maybe a bit of ranting too.

 Let me recap the highlights of what I’ve been doing in this time:

  1. Joined a gym with the intention to make exercise a regular part of my life and of course knock-off those pesky pounds I gathered from all the binge-eating and the baking I did – Had fallen off my schedule a little, but I am back on track now.
  2.  Took-up an opportunity to bake professionally and things just didn’t go the way I would liked them too. This shook me a lot and I am not sure if I’ve still gotten over it. I didn’t take any money for it. But I am in the process of looking ahead and making some plans based on the what didn’t go right the last time
  3. Baked ten different kinds of cakes and two different kinds of muffins for a lot of occasions.  The results were very good, each of the recipes I tried worked very well so I am on some sort of a roll (with the exception of one type of muffin) didn’t repeat any.
  4. Hosted five parties at home. While I kind of enjoyed them then, but for now I am kind of saturated with them.
  5.  Started or should I say piggy-backed on Dave’s Storyteller’s business and worked on a prestigious and well-paying project. Right now I am working on another small but exciting project. Also working on the content for the Storyteller’s website now.
  6. Said goodbye to my high-maintenance cook and have now been cooking regularly for a month now and this is really some achievement for me. In the past, I always fell off my cooking routine despite all my best intentions. I am very happy with the way this is going. I am also very happy with the way all my dishes are turning out J. I am quite a decent cook I think.

On the downside:

  1. Bummed around and wasted a lot of time on Facebook
  2. Didn’t read much – I intend to turn this around
  3. Didn’t make any new friends – I will turn this around too
  4. Tried my hand at pottery and realized I should have done this years ago,  if I really wanted to learn Pottery.

Some of the experiences did douse my enthusiasm a bit and also managed to pull my confidence down just a wee bit, so I started being cautious and stopped trying out stuff for fear of failure.

And then I read this quote on Facebook that both validated and inspired me at the same time.

 People with interesting lives have no vanity. They swap cities, invest in projects with no guarantee.  Are interested in people who are the opposite of them. Resign without having another job in sight. Accept an invitation to do what they never did. Are prepared to change their favorite color, their favorite dish. They start from zero countless times. They are not frightened of getting old. They climb on stage, shear their hair, do crazy things for love, purchase one-way tickets...”

I also watched Skyfall on November 1st and it inspired me in a lot of ways. Adele’s song, sums it up best!

The beginning of a new week, a month or a year always provides us the opportunity to change things by seizing control. And I am going to use November to turn around and reboot my life. Wish me luck for the commitment to write a post every single day this month.


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