Thank You for the Music

Over the last few days, I have realized that domestic life can really pull you down and sometimes kill your spirit. I don’t know how my mom did it for an entire lifetime, I don’t know how so many homemakers do it day in and day out. Hats off to them. I am not even going to attempt this feat!

Through these mundane last few days, music is the one thing that kept me energized. It can really uplift the most sagging of spirits.

When I watched the GOW 1, my reaction to the music was “noisy, cacophonous, rustic, contextual”. It didn’t impress me that Sneha Khawalkar (the music composer of the movie, one of the very few female composers in India), was creating waves in the music world. Sure I gave that achievement some thought and credit. Women sing so well, but why do we have such few female composers, are we just wired differently? Do women lack the hardware required for composing music? I gave it some thought and then moved on. I didn’t care much for how she made music with ambient sounds or that she was really young. I just didn’t think her music was melodious. And then I watched GOW 2 (I know I am overdosing on this) and the Kaala re song blew my mind. The Keh Ke Loonga variation at the end of the movie added so much of cinematic impact to the climax. Kaala re is playing on my laptop on repeat mode, I am smitten. A search on Youtube for those songs led me to following video of Sneha’s visit to a radio station.

She is original, savvy,  and honest. By honest, I am not referring to her values/ethics but the way she makes music, picks up folk singers from different regions she is in and gets them to sing her songs. For one of the popular numbers in the movie called Dil Chi Cha lader, Sneha had Durga, a 12-year old who sings in Mumbai locals, sing the song.I am so happy for Durga and all those other women from villages that Sneha used to sing for GOW2. What’s even better is that she makes all those songs I didn’t like much, sound soo good when she sings them, yes even the double entendre and risque ones. It makes me so happy to know that we live in such interesting times where the definition of music is ever-expanding.

One of my friends from MBA, Sonal excelled at taking a Bollywood song and singing it like the folks on trains do, she had us in splits with that act. Sonal  also sang the Resham Ka Rumaal song with so much energy and gusto that I am sure Ila Arun would find the enthusiasm hard to match. I am confident that if Sonal was in India now, she’d definitely be singing for Sneha. More power to this Womaniya and the likes of her who are stretching the boundaries of music and tapping talent from the most unconventional of sources. Way to go Sneha!

The picture below is Season 2 of tomatoes that debuted in my garden today, I know they are not relevant to the topic, but they took my breath away, so I had to share. They make me so proud 🙂



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